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We are a mini-game and survival server that you can join from version 1.9 - 1.18.
We mainly offer PvP minigames like KitPvP, BedWars, but also Survival, Skyblock, Parkour and other great games.

You can also connect to the server through Minecraft Bedrock.
Just use the IP:
and port: 8052

We also try to optimize the server as best we can and make sure you have the best game possible. We mainly try to use our own plugins and use the best AntiCheat/AntiVPN to prevent cheating and avoid problems at the same time.

After logging in to the server, we recommend reading the rules so you don't accidentally break something. "/rules"

Our discord:

#205 2
/ 100 * SurNet* (1.9/1.18)
| BedWars | KitPvP | SkyBlock | TNTRun

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