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Java server 1.17.1
The server have:
/warp shop
/warp pvp
almost all datapacks:
/Ca View - View all items for one player.
/Ca Sell [Amount of items] - Let the items in your hand on the market as sold.
/Ca Bid [Amount of items] - Let the items in hand be put on the market in the form
of an auction.
/Ca Buy [Amount of items] [Item name] - Acquire items in your hands or specific
items in the market.
/Ca Gui [sell/buy/bid] - Open the main GUI of the market.
/Ca Mail - View and manage your canceled and expired items.
/Ca Listed - View and manage the items you are selling.
/Ca Reload [Object] - Reload the plugin settings and database.
/Ca Admin - Admin commands.
/Ca Help - View this help menu.

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